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Floydfest 16: Dreamweavin'! 

It's that time of year! Zoe and her band will be heading down to play FloydFest this week, along with a lineup of almost 100 excellent acts, including headliners such as Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes, Bruce Hornsby, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, among many more. 

Zoe's live band lineup for these shows is as follows:

Zoe Ravenwood - Guitars, vocals
Barbara Ravenwood - Backing vocals
Ben 'Drex' Drexler - Bass 
Ethan Sapperstein - Drums
Samantha Hegre - Cello 

If you'll be attending FloydFest and want to add yourself to our invite which contains set times and will be updated as needed throughout the event with any further information, you can find the invite here.

We hope to see you there!


Music Alley Radio!  

WERA 96.7 FM out of Arlington VA hosts a fantastic show centered on the music scene in the Washington, DC region's music scenes called Music Alley Radio, and on this past week's show hosts Marco Delmar and Carol Campbell played Zoe's song 'Western Dawn' and said some lovely things about her music. You can listen to the recording of the episode (and past episodes here.


Zoë's song 'The End Of Something Beautiful' was used on WAMU 88.5 FM, the DC area's NPR affiliate on Sunday July 3 as part of WAMU's 'Capital Soundtrack' program for the Summer of 2016.

Thanks to WAMU 88.5 and for the song play, and for promoting local music in the DC/MD/VA region!


Summer East Coast Mini-tour! 

(Not to be mistaken with a Summer East Coast Minotaur, which would be some sort of aggressively type-A personality beach-clothes-wearing bull person with a mid-Atlantic accent, and that would be an altogether different and more alarming scenario.)

Zoe's heading up the East Coast to play shows in NYC, Hyannis MA, and Provincetown MA, then hauling back down to Virginia to play three sets at FloydFest 16, then back home to DC for an early August show at Tree House Lounge.  

July 18 - Shrine, New York City
July 19 - The Thirsty Tuna, Hyannis, MA
July 21 - Underground, Provincetown, MA
July 29 - FloydFest, Floyd, VA
July 30 - FloydFest, Floyd, VA
July 31 - FloydFest, Floyd, VA
Aug 6 - Tree House Lounge, Washington, DC

We hope to see you at some shows this Summer, and we will be adding more show dates for August & September soon!

Back In The Tree House! 

Tree House Lounge very kindly invited us back after our show there last month, and we're sharing the bill with some other excellent acts:
Here's the flyer for the show, as designed by the folks of Jerry Tolk & The Old Soul String Band! 
We hope to see some of you DC/MD/VA people there! 


Free Stuff! 

To celebrate getting added to FloydFest's lineup for this year, and to encourage anyone who's finding out about my music through FloydFest's newsletter or website to check out my music, I'm offering free downloads from Soundcloud of two of my songs, 'Lust Song' and 'Western Dawn' between today (4/22) and next Friday (4/29). Just click the download button below the songs and enjoy! 

Thanks for listening to my music, and I hope to see some of you at FloydFest! 

(The songs are high-quality uncompressed .wav files, which you can add/convert to your preferred music player's format of choice)

'Lust Song':

'Western Dawn' -

FloydFest Announcement! 

FloydFest has officially announced via their newsletter sent out today that I will be performing at this year's FloydFest 16: Dreamweavin'

FloydFest is an absolutely amazing, absolutely massive festival in Southwestern Virginia held on a gorgeous property in the mountains near Floyd, VA. The lineup is always fantastic and incredibly diverse in terms of styles and sounds, and includes everyone from big international touring artists to some of the best bands the region has to offer. 

I'm extremely excited to be performing there this year along with a backing band made up of some of my frequent musical collaborators, including some that I've recorded with previously, and my old Rawk Paper Scissors bandmates (for any of you in and around DC that remember RPS). 

I'm also excited to see that Richmond, VA's Party Liberation Front (PLF) will be there, as I've known many of their collective for years, and they always know how to put together a fantastic experience.

Read FloydFest's announcement here.

FloydFest details:
Floydfest tickets:

Hope to see some of you up on the mountain!

Recommendations/Currently Listening, April 2016: 

I'm reviving my old 'Currently Listening/Recommendations' lists from waaaay back when. I'll try to do at least one a month for any of those of you who stop by my site on the regular, in case you're interested. Despite my obvious folky influences, I was a rocker and a prog nerd before I started singin' folk songs, and I have pretty wide ranging listening tastes, so there may well be something for everyone here from time to time. This month, though, it's folk-rock and Americana. 

This month, the newest additions to my music collection include the latest releases by The Weeping Willows and Jen Hitt, both of which are absolutely wonderful albums.

 Jen Hitt - 'Amphibious Heart'

Jen's most recent album came out back in November, if I recall, and I backed her crowdfunding campaign for it last year. I was a slacker in picking up my copy from her when she was last in DC, and I recently got it in the mail and finally got around to listening to it. It is absolutely great.

I've loved Jen's songs since we first met, and I always enjoyed getting the chance to play shows together the handful of times that happened before she left DC for Austin. Her folk-rocker and singer/songwriter chops are always excellent, but  this album is absolutely Jen at her best.

In addition to what I'd think of as her usual style and sound from previous recordings, a sometimes bittersweet, frequently clever and funny singer/songwriter feel, at times this album goes into some really interesting ethereal, almost dreampop-y territory (occasionally made me think of Mazzy Starr, for example) and it works extremely well when paired with her established lyrical style and song construction.

Her guitar playing and her voice are excellent as always, the songs are well-written, and the production and mix overall are really spectacular. It's a thoroughly enjoyable, sometimes weird (in a good way!), and thoroughly engaging album. 

Get it on CD or download in the format of your choice here:

The Weeping Willows - 'Before Darkness Comes A-Callin'' 

I have fallen completely in love with the Americana and folk music coming out of Australia in the last several years thanks to my cousin Lachlan, who happens to be a very talented Australian Americana/Alt-Country artist himself. Through the various artists I've seen him and the people I've connected up with through him talking about I've found some of my new favorite bands in these genres. The Weeping Willows fall on that list, for sure. 

'Before Darkness Comes A-Callin'' is their second album, following 'Till The North Wind Blows' (which is also quite good!), and it has all the things that make them great: excellently crafted songs (including two co-written with the above-mentioned Lachlan Bryan), engaging guitar work, and wonderful use of vocal harmonies, something I'm always a total sucker for when done well.

As their 'About' section on their website says, these songs are "tales of cruelty, tragedy, murder and betrayal, all populated by gamblers, sinners, infidels and travelling salesmen (read: wandering musicians)." I can't say it better than that. If that sounds like thematic content you can get behind (and if you like folk and blues inspired Americana, how could you not?) this one is more than worth a look. Looking forward to more from them, and hoping I can eventually catch a live performance by this duo.

Get it on iTunes here:
Order CDs here:

Not new releases, but other things I've been listening to a lot of late: Les Triaboliques - 'rivermudtwilight', Porcupine Tree - 'Lightbulb Sun', Jane Siberry - 'The Walking', Neko Case - 'Fox Confessor Brings The Flood', Nick Drake - 'Pink Moon'.

FloydFest 16

Zoe Ravenwood and her band will be performing as one of the 'On The Rise' artists at FloydFest 16 this summer! Click the image above for lineup, details, tickets.

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Zoë's debut album 'The Problem Might Be Me'

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